NuVet Plus

Natural, Powerful Immune System Support

NuVet Plus, vitamins and supplements, help put your pet on the “path to perfect health”.  Above all, NuVet Plus supports your pet’s development through every stage of life. 

NuVet Products are not available in stores or directly to the general public, but you can purchase NuVet  when you receive a recommendation from a pet professional. 

Why Choose NuVet Plus?

How Does NuVet Plus Work?

Every Puppy is Born with an
Immature Immune System

Bridge the Immunity Gap with NuVet Plus 

8 Weeks

Once your puppy is weaned, its immune system is vulnerable and challenged by the stress of adoption. As a result of this stress, your puppy's immune system may not be able to protect against exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens in its new home.

14 Weeks

Studies have shown that when puppies receive antioxidant supplements their immune response to vaccinations dramatically improves.

22 Weeks

Compared to puppies on a standard diet, puppies that are fed an antioxidant supplement have exhibited a drastic increase in immune function.

Pets Face a Lifetime of Exposure to Free Radicals
and Threats to Their Health

In the Backyard:

Pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria and pathogens can weaken your pet's immune system.

In the Air:

Pollutants in the air may cause skin sensitivities in pets. Even common household toxins such as cleaners, insect killers, and air fresheners affect your pet's health.

In Food:

Many pet foods are made with hormones, preservatives, and traces of pesticides. In addition, corn and grain are common fillers and can cause sensitivities for many pets.

NuVet Plus Works for All Stages of Life

Puppies and Kittens Need to Develop:

  • A Strong Immune System
  • A Healthy Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys
  • Healthy Nerves, Muscles, and Connective Tissue

Dogs and Cats in Their Prime Require:

  • Proper Vitamin and Antioxidant Intake
  • Complete Mineral Balance
  • Healthy Metabolism of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates
  • A Strong Immune System

Senior Dogs and Cats Need to Sustain:

  • Proper Digestion
  • Energy Levels
  • Resistance to Disease
  • Healthy Joints and Mobility
  • Proper Organ and Nerve Function
  • A Strong Immune System

NuVet Guarantee

NuVet® has been making the finest nutritional pet supplements since 1997. Their mission is to provide your pet with products that are completely safe, nutrient-rich and formulated to strengthen the immune system and give your pet many healthy years of life.

Because of this, NuVet is proud to stand behind their products with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

NuVet Guarantee

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